Decorative Paints - Decor by ARCO
  • Fashionable Products

    The products of Decor have the charm to capture our customers. Fascinating lighting effects, velvety surfaces, refined colors for a unique experience.

  • New Visual Technology

    Our office has patented the new creative visualization system Live Effect Lighting can make you better appreciate the quality of our products. Try it, you'll be amazed!

  • Italian Design

    Our products are designed and manufactured in Italy, home of the finest decorative arts of the world. Discover our ideations, you will find exceptional quality and an amazing aesthetic result!


It is useless to pay more, but worse than that is to pay less. It’s true that when you pay more, you loose some money. But when you pay less, you risk to loose what you’ve bought, because what you bought does not answer to your requests. The common law in business denies the possibility of paying less obtaining the best result.
If you do your business with a company which sells its products as cheaper than the others, it is important that you evaluate the hidden risks. But if you can do that, it means that you have enough money to buy a better product. JOHN RUSKIN (1819-1900)